Who We Are

“We make ‘em like they used to. To us this means making the highest quality products while offering exceptional value, and most importantly; impeccable ethics.” – David Socha, CEO

The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company is a full spectrum manufacturer. For over two decades some of the best known companies in the world have chosen us to design, create and manufacture in-line or value added products. We develop safe, high-quality merchandise at price points designed to work across all channels of trade.

We approach every customer project with our PRICE philosophy:

Product–making the right product that sell through at retail or creates a lasting impression for your brand.
Reputation–most important to do business right.
Innovation–find new technologies, materials, creativity to make the best product possible.
Collaboration–to work together with our partners and find synergies.
Expertise–over 25 years, millions of toys, over 15,000 products.

BHTB specializes in Custom, Private Label and Licensed toys, gifts, and plush for both in-line retail sales and strategic promotions. BHTB specializes in the design and development of promotional products for:

  • Gift With Purchase
  • Purchase With Purchase
  • Mail-In Offers
  • Home Entertainment On-Packs
  • Door Buster Premiums

Innovation & Creativity

While innovation and creativity are qualities that can be found at many companies, it is our unique ability to harness these traits and focus them to achieve the desired goals of our partners.

Our Team

“Building a relationship on trust is what matters most to our company.” – Randy Clark, President

Our team of professionals provides the expertise needed to reach your specific project objectives. From creating hundreds of products for a licensed program to refining ideas into that one “home run” product, our staff is forward thinking and trend savvy. By designing and producing 1000’s of products over the years, we bring insight and experience to the table every time.

Our Goal

To develop solid partnerships with our clients and vendors to produce the safest, highest quality products that exceed partner expectations. Our rewards come when expectations have been exceeded and together we have developed a program that has increased your profitability and successfully connected your brand with your consumer.

Our Beliefs

Our company was founded on the premise of exceptional service. If we don’t provide our clients with service beyond their expectations, someone else will.

Our Capabilities

Because BHTB is not merely a promotional company but also an in-line retail and direct to consumer company, we provide our partners with insights into customer behavior that goes far beyond just product design. The programs we develop drive results. From ensuring sell-thrus at our retail partners, to designing promotional products that bring brand awareness, we create complete programs that drive the bottom line and surpass client goals.

Our team is always on top of the latest market trends. We know what products are selling well now, while also being ahead of the curve to determine what the “must have” products of tomorrow will be.

“Our ability to use our broad base of contacts to find a solution is what makes us successful.” – Jeanette Socha


Product design and development is the heart and soul of our company. Being keenly aware that your reputation is on the line each time a consumer comes into contact with your brand, we are dedicated to getting every detail right. Our step by step development process is a clearly thought out and detailed blueprint for your successful product creation.

Home Entertainment On-Packs

With internet movie downloads on the rise studios are looking to us for innovative ways to make a statement on retail shelves and increase DVD sales. Our Home Entertainment on-packs achieve this objective. BHTB designs and manufactures various Gift with Purchase and Purchase with Purchase products that boost sales and brand recognition.

Our Brands

We design, manufacture, distribute, market, and retail numerous brands of our own. We have years of experience in every aspect of bringing successful toy products to market. You can leverage our expertise to help bring your product to market.


It is no secret that Licensing has been a driving force in today’s markets. Extra awareness for programs can be achieved by using recognized licenses and characters. BHTB has forged long standing relationships with major licensors around the world enabling us to secure licensing rights for our partners.

Our licenses include:

  • Care Bears
  • Looney Tunes
  • Disney
  • WWE


With over 15 year’s experience, Beverly Hills Teddy Bear has produced millions of high quality products for partners across many different and diverse industries. The logos above represent some of BHTB’s past and current partners.

  • Fortune 100 Companies
  • Major Retailers
  • Movie Studios
  • Private Labels
  • Individuals looking to bring a mascot or character to life.


“We live by the “pillow” standard for safety. At the end of the day with our heads on our pillows, we sleep well knowing everything has been done in the best interest of our partners and their customers.” – David Socha, CEO

We settle for nothing less than products that are 100% safe. By working hand-in-hand with our vendor partners to provide the best Quality Assurance and Quality Control we can provide 100% guaranteed products.

Safety Processes:

  • Detailed plans are discussed early in the development process and prior to the start of all production.
  • Each of our factories must pass a strict BHTB factory inspection and audit prior to the receipt of their first order and then periodically thereafter.
  • Third party testing to ensure independent assessment of all products. We test all merchandise to standards that meet or exceed US and/or EN71 standards.
  • Factories are clear regarding our testing and safety protocol prior to pre-production sampling.
  • BHTB contract personnel perform all ongoing in-line inspections and factory audits.
    We don’t work with factories or designers who thrive at the expense of their employees.
  • 100% of our plush is designed to zero age grade.

The Result

100% Guarantee on all products. Period.